2019 - 2020 

Fun as Fashion may be, comfort is actually the true key.  And Signatures has you covered!

For the season ahead - it's all about COLOR!  Bright yellow, fuchsia, orchid hues & azures are all the rage.

Capes, shawls & scarves adorn tops and dresses - particularly the new square necklines.

Jackets are back - evolving into relaxed, softer silhouettes.  As are Animal Prints - from head-to-toe looks to subtle trimmings.

Satin & Silk are popular - especially paired with day wear such as jeans and cropped pants.

The asymetrical neckline replaces off-the-shoulder silhouettes.

Checks, plaids - especially houndstooth - classics that never really go out of style are everywhere from tops to bottoms.

And Floral motifs are shot with subtle glitter and shine to add newness to your wardrobe.

As you see - There's something for everyone at Signatures where you will effortlessly "Find Your Signature Style!"